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1. Microsoft Outlook Email Data Recovery

When oversized or corrupted Outlook PST and OST Files causes Microsoft Outlook starts acting strange or sometimes even crashing all together, at this point Email Database Recovery is the only solution. When the size of your offline Exchange Email folder (OST file) or personal folder (PST file) exceeds 20 or 50 gigabytes (depending on the version of your Outlook program), data corruption may occur and you may not be able to access the PST or OST file. Our team of experts can orderly recover all your lost emails and save them in a new PST format file so you can import them back to any computer.

2. Mac Mail

Mac mail application comes with the Apple operating system (iOS or OSX). All emails will be stored as separate files with .emlx extension under a specific location (depends on Mac mail version) inside the Mac computer hard drive. The folder called Mailboxes and it is the main storage for Mac emails located mostly under user library. In some cases, the individual Email files get corrupted and in other cases, the whole Mailbox folder could be damaged. In any situation, Email Data Recovery is likely possible and your emails can be restore back into the Mac mail software.

3. Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird saves all user data such as messages, address book and configuration in a profile folder. A profile will be automatically created the first time Thunderbird launches and all the Emails will be stored inside it as .eml files. The profile folder usually located in the system file and can be damaged by number of things like viruses and bad sectors. In those situations, Emails will not be accessible and Email data recovery should be considered as a practical option.

4. Windows Mail

Windows mail is an email application bundled with recent generations of Windows operating systems. Windows mail application was introduced with major design and improvements compared to its predecessor Outlook Express which makes it a completely different application. Email messages are now stored in a folder as individual files with .eml extensions instead of a single database file which contain all the emails. In case of corruption, we can rebuild the email files and recover their structures as well.


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