Penny W. (Manhattan, NY)

"My old PC stopped working, and I contacted Datacillin (formerly Amnet) to assist with data recovery. After a free evaluation, Datacillin quoted me a price and time frame. Despite discovering additional damage during the data transfer, they honored their quote, met the time frame (less than a week) and recovered 100% of my data. Furthermore, they were friendly and transparent throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!"

Cynthia C. (Manhattan, NY)

"I have been working with Datacilin probably 10 years - there is never a problem they can not solve and always respond in a timely manner. I have always gotten great service even for the most frivolous issue. You can't go wrong by calling them and placing your business and trust in them."

Evelyne G. (Brasil)

"They are the very best. I was having a hard time with my computer. I had no idea where to go! I called them and everything was done in few days. Just perfect. Fair price."

Michael B. (NYC)

"Amazing, Always Gets it Right, Finds what You need when you think it's gone forever. 5 Star for Sure."

Kamran Z. (Long Island, NY)

"I am an IT professional with more than 20 years experience in business working in health care environment.I had crashed server with a RAID 5 controller. I took the server to number of data recovery places and they all failed to recover my data. However Amnet professional recovery service managed to recover all the data with no loss."

Gideon M. (Jersey City, NJ)

"I've used Amnet multiple times in recent years to service my laptops, and each time their work was excellent. I originally used Amnet because they had won a Best of New York award from New York Magazine, and based on my experiences I continue to think the award was justified."

Marco M. (Manhattan, NY)

"My laptop was corrupted and I could not use it. Amnet installed a new OS and recovered all my data. They did a great job in restoring my crucial info and did it very promptly.
I highly recommend them.They are very good."

Derrick C. (Brooklyn, NY)

"Quick turnaround, great service!!!!! they saved an external hard drive that crashed, i highly recommend kevin!"

Alison M. (Manhattan, NY)

"I first found AMNET when I spilled hot tea on my keyboard and my computer was fried. I took it somewhere else and they said they could not retrieve my data,
but AMNET was able to. They saved my computer and my life! That was a few years ago and I have returned every time I have a problem. They are very helpful, courteous and fast."

Tom M. (Staten Island, NY)

"I was very surprised by the unexpected courtesy and professionalism provided by Amnet Data Solutions company and staff. It is rare these days. Questions answered completely and quickly. Deadlines met. Quality work. In addition, we did not feel we were on our own when the work was finished. Kevin made us feel that good support was just a phone call away, and when we called, we felt that we were their top priority for the day. What more could we ask for: quick response, quality work, constant communication, good follow up, quality support, and fair prices. We were very pleased!"

Marcela P. (Long Island City, NY)

"I highly recommend Amnet Data Solutions. They have helped me a couple of occasions to recover data, clean up my computer and get rid of viruses. They pointed the problems right away, and fixed them right on time."

Asencion A. (Atlanta, Georgia)

"Datacillin has helped me on several computer issues and I am very impressed with Kevin's knowledge and expertise. Expert technician with low cost for value of services received. 100% customer satisfaction and Highly recommended!!! Indeed the Best in New York!"

Evers M. (Brooklyn,NY)

"Amnet Data Solutions did a wonderful job with my external hard drive. When I called their office to see how the recovery was going, they would always be informing me on the percentage that has been recovered... very professional. I would definitely recommend their services. Thanks to Amnet data solutions for a successful recovery."

Cliff B. (Manhattan, NY)

"These guys are the way to go in New York City. Their service is inexpensive -- much better prices than if you go through the data recovery experts used by Apple. They also have great customer service. They recovered all my data and mailed my hard drive with the recovered data to me in a matter of days. Really the best deal you can get in New York City --- Go to Amnet Data Solutions. They will recover your data quickly and for not nearly as much money as their competitors."

Suzanne Davis (Marriott Hotels - Headquarters)

"I am very pleased with the recovery job on my data. Your fast turnaround saved our project. I will definitely be using Amnet in the future,
and I will make sure our guests can use your services in the future."

Megan C. (NBC Studios)

"When the screen on my laptop monitor went suddenly and horrifyingly dark, I came here and they went way above and beyond the call of duty. At first, they said the repair would cost around 200 bucks for parts and labor, and it would take two days. Then, they ended up doing a bunch more work and putting in more new parts than they said that they would, but they still stuck to their original price, and they had it done within 24 hours. Slick!"

Vera Shappiro (NBC Studios)

"I can now confirm that it was a good call. He was professional, courteous and best of all, empathetic. He understand the dependence folks have on their computers and did everything he could to get mine back to me as quickly as possible. I figured that I would spread the word to help others who may be in my shoes someday and tell as many people as I can about Amnet."

Lisa DiCarlo (Forbes.com)

"We call the geeks at Amnet and, like fire fighters responding to an alarm bell, they burst into action. He is at our door in 20 minutes. He surveys the damage and takes the computer back to the office to remove the Trojan Horse and install a firewall. On Feb. 11, after outbreak that rendered us dead to the networked world, our computer arrives back at home malware free. The first time I use the PC again I think about the invasion of our privacy."

Sean D. (New York, NY)

"I have used PC Amnet for years now but this last experience deserves a write up. They went above and beyond the call of duty to fix my PC and get the glitches out. There is no price you can pay for integrity and these guys have it. There are two kinds of companies, the ones that you wish you never had to deal with and the ones you wish there were more of and PC Amnet is one of the companies we all should wish there were more of."

Steven Beasley (IHOP)

"With many thanks for the forensic recovery you did on the wiped drive, we were able to dismiss the fraud lawsuit for, we make sure to spread the word around."

Jennifer Morgan (NYU Law School)

"You don’t know how much I appreciate your efforts to get the data, my whole life and final thesis was in that laptop, when the cup of coffee spilled all over it then."

Sandra Stern (Nordquist and Stern PLLC)

"I have been using Amnet Data Solutions for over ten years. They have saved me from near disaster on any number of occasions, and are absolutely knowledgeable, reliable,
and trustworthy. My highest recommendation."