Managed IT Services and Computer Networking Support

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Managed IT Services and Computer Networking Support:

Our team of expert computer networking engineers and IT specialists in New York City can help empower your home or growing business with tailor-made networking solutions and IT services. Whether you need home or business networking solutions, our team of IT specialists in NYC can provide the expertise and attention to detail required for a secure and reliable network and take a good care of its maintenance and backups. We conduct thorough troubleshooting on all of your network software and hardware, workstations, mobile devices, tablets, printers and more importantly Servers. Our experienced networking specialists and IT pros in New York City can help create or upgrade your corporate infrastructure to a secure and advanced intranet network, while ensuring affordability and simplicity.

Our team of computer technicians from NYC meet your everyday business needs with the best possible solutions. We flawlessly layout cabling structure and install Server, Firewall and switches for your local area network and fast gateway router for secure and high-speed Internet access. Along with delivering good quality systems, we guarantee to meet your expectation of providing timely maintenance to ensure minimum system downtime.


We provide the following Managed IT services:

  • Server Raid drive and Network storage drive data recovery
  • LAN, WAN and Wireless access planning, designing and installation
  • Wireless network performance and coverage improvement
  • Cloud Server and Virtual Server setup and configuration
  • Network Software and Hardware setup for any special and advance purposes
  • Cloud Service integration and migration
  • Cloud management including syncing data with online storage backup and other cloud base services
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions for businesses with onsite private data repository
  • Workstation installation and troubleshooting
  • Network security implementation and cyber attack prevention
  • Cyber security and system vulnerability solutions
  • Network printer and scanner installation
  • Network computer Remote access and VPN communications setup
  • Office employees group Email and other team collaboration software setup
  • Network Servers and workstations Backup and Restore system configuration
  • Network Cabling and Wiring for Wireless signal in the hard to reach environment
  • Network support and administration plus dedicated IT Services
  • Encryption and data security implementation
  • VMware virtual server and virtual PC solutions.

Get It Done FAST!
By having a broad range of managed IT services and computer networking services we offer rapid response with discounted rates for annual system maintenance and competitive prices for service contracts in NYC area.


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